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5 Helpful Tips When Moving to a New Office – Our Guide

The most challenging part of office relocation is the moving of equipment from one place to another. Packing every office item takes time and affects how difficult it will be to reorganize everything in your new location. No matter how many people there are to help you, if you have no concrete plan on how you plan to organize your moving, there is a high chance that office relocation can be a mess.

More than anything, pre-planning is vital in gaining control over the entire process. You need to think through every detail from what box to use to how your labeling system should work. By doing so, you will help your company save time, effort, and stress.

To help you out, here are five tips you can follow to enjoy an organized office relocation:

Tip #1: Request employees to pack their belongings individually

To save time, you should ask each of your employees to pack their belongings into their individual boxes. When you do this, you can use the saved time to plan other necessary paperwork related to office relocation.

Once you get to the new office, they can quickly get their boxes and rearrange their desks without much hassle and effort. 

Tip #2: Pack tech items systematically

Another packing tip is to gather similar items together in one box. For instance, the monitor and CPU of one computer set should be packed together alongside its wiring system and accessories. In that way, you can easily set up the equipment in your new office without having to worry that it lacks one particular item. Doing this will also significantly make tracking inventory easier for you, as you would only need to list down sets and not individual pieces.

Tip #3: Label all the packing boxes

You should make sure to label all of the boxes accordingly. Doing this will save you a lot of time sorting out everything in the new office. If your employees have packed their desk items individually, writing their names and desk number on the box would ease the reorganization process.

Aside from that, when placing boxes in the moving company’s truck, it would be better to put boxes containing similar items together so that it will be much easier to set up things in the new location.

Tip #4: Communicate plans with employees

Most importantly, you should make your employees part of the office-moving plan, especially if you’ll assign particular tasks to them. Before even packing office equipment, ask everyone to gather and discuss your plans with them. Let them know about the steps that you have made so they can easily follow along. Letting them know about the plan will also encourage them to participate.

Tip #5: Hire a move manager and moving company

Lastly, you should appoint someone to manage and facilitate every action when moving offices. Doing this will help ensure that everything is in place and that everyone is informed about the plans.

In case something goes wrong, a move manager can quickly make solutions to address the problem. Besides that, you should hire a reputable and trusted moving company to ensure that your office equipment and items are safe and secure during travel.


Pre-planning is a crucial step when moving to a new office. It lets you ensure that all of your office items are safe and secured, and organizing will be much easier to handle.

When preparing for office relocation, you should have a systematic plan. You may request your employees to pack their desk items individually, group equipment sets together, and label every box. Besides that, you should communicate your plans with your employees and hire a reputable move manager and moving company to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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