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5 Moving Tips You Should Know Before Moving House – Our Guide

Whether you’re a student renting a nearby dormitory or an employee looking for a closer lodging and commuting route to your office, moving places is never an easy task. With such a stressful situation, most people tend to get lost in the tasks that they have to accomplish before they move into a new home.

Keeping yourself calm and collected

Anticipating the different number of tasks that can go wrong can make you stressed over things that haven’t even happened yet. The best way to keep yourself from being stressful with moving homes is by making sure that you keep a checklist of the tasks that need to be done.

In this article, we will share five moving tips to help you have a smooth transition period in changing homes:

1. Pack in advance

People who move houses often misplace many of their items on the day that the moving company’s truck arrives. Not being able to keep track of your possessions is the result of having a poor moving calendar.

You need to make sure that you’ve already scheduled a few days in advance for packing your belongings before you set a date to move from your current location. Instead of doing the packing all in one day, you should split your packing tasks into several days so that you won’t have to rush on the day of your egress.

2. Be mindful of measurements

You should be aware of the measurements of your bulky furniture to see if they can fit on doors and entryways to your new home, especially if you’re moving into a smaller place like a condo or an apartment. Bringing a heavy item that you can’t even bring inside your house can make for a stressful and awkward conversation with your property owner.

Take this time to declutter your old items so that you can make the most out of your mover’s space limitations. You can either choose to leave them behind in your house or to make a quick garage sale to gain some cash to help you with your moving expenses.

3. Take inventory of your belongings

Moving houses requires plenty of boxes and containers to make sure that your furniture and other belongings are kept safe and secure while being transferred to your new place. Besides packing the similar items in specific containers, you should also categorise your boxes by labelling them so that your movers will be aware of the contents of the boxes.

Segregating your belongings from breakable glassware to sensitive documents is an essential task when moving. If you’re particular about the safety of your personal documents and office paperwork, you should keep these in a separate box to travel with you instead of with the movers.

4. Deal with your official paperwork

One of the worst parts about moving is dealing with the official paperwork, such as moving delivery addresses and energy provider subscriptions. Before you call your moving company, it’s best to deal with the necessary paperwork, such as transferring your utilities to your new address as soon as possible. This allows you to terminate services from your old home by the time you start unpacking your belongings in your new place.

5. Research your movers

Choosing the wrong moving company can give you more headaches through the moving process. You already have much on your plate to deal with, so you should find a service that has the right experience and credibility in handling your valuables. Hiring a reliable moving company can lessen the mental stress and anxiety of dealing with other aspects, such as settling your mortgage and packing your items.


Moving is never an easy task for anyone. However, with a well-made moving checklist together with a reliable moving company, the experience of moving into a new environment can be a hassle-free one as you begin a new chapter of your life.

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