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5 Reasons to Get Storage Space as a University Student

Going into a university, even if you are a scholar, can be costly, especially if you are funding your tuition or daily necessities yourself. That is why many university students choose to rent in affordable dorms that are shared with others rather than getting an expensive apartment for themselves.

Staying at a dorm can save you plenty in terms of costs. However, this also comes with several disadvantages, such as not getting enough privacy for yourself and not having enough room for your belongings. Luckily there are companies that offer affordable storage facilities in the UK, even for students like you.

The question is, is getting a storage space worth it? Here are five reasons why you should rent storage space as a university student:

Reason #1: To give space to your dorm room

Dorms are usually shared by at least two to three students at a time. If you were able to get a separate room for yourself, consider yourself lucky as most dorm tenants can only have bed spaces. With such limited space, there is a good chance that your area will be filled with so much clutter that you barely have space to move around and store your other belongings.

If you want to give yourself extra room, consider renting a unit in separate storage facilities. Doing so will also help you declutter your space and bring you peace of mind while you lay down in your spacious bed, knowing that your belongings are secured.

Reason #2: To store your things during academic breaks

If you visit your family in your hometown during academic breaks, you can choose to keep your belongings secured in storage and allow yourself to travel long distances without carrying much luggage.

Once you get back to the university, it makes it convenient for you to retrieve your items and place them back at your dorm to set up your space again.

Reason #3: To secure important and valuable belongings

Although you may be sharing a dorm room with your schoolmates, you will never know whether they can be trusted with your belongings. Some people do have “sticky fingers” and may take your personal items without your consent.

If you have important documents and valuable items with you, you may consider keeping them in a storage space that is highly safe and secured and that only you have access to. Additionally, this will work to your advantage in case your dorm catches fire or is damaged since you would have your important university documents safe at your storage space.

Reason #4: To safely store your hobby equipment

If you are a person who has a lot of hobbies, may it be arts, music, or sports, renting a unit in storage facilities will work to your advantage as you can use it to store your equipment when they’re not in use.

You would most likely not touch your equipment during academic sessions as you will be busy with your studies and maybe with your part-time work as well. Keeping your items in storage will keep them safe and make them accessible when needed.

Reason #5: To have a safe place for your online business merch

If you are a university student who loves or needs to hustle to support your school and personal needs, finding storage solutions would be beneficial for you.

In case you are selling stuff online as many other students do, your storage space can function as your inventory when you store your merch before delivery. Doing this will prevent you from dealing with too much clutter in the form of big boxes and packages all around your dorm room.


Having a unit at a storage facility brings a lot of advantages. You can keep various items on it, such as your important documents, valuables collections, business merch, and even your hobby equipment. With storage space, you can ensure that your belongings are safe and secured at all times.

If you are looking for storage solutions in the UK, make sure to get a free quote with our team. We can provide safe and secure storage facilities and services!