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5 Tips on How to Keep Your Furniture Safe During a Move

One of the trickiest parts of moving into a new home is transporting large furniture or bulky pieces. Whether you are hiring moving services or doing everything yourself, you have to protect your furniture from getting damaged while in transit.

There are many ways for you to ensure that your possessions make the trip unscathed. Here are some tips for a smoother move, especially when conveying large pieces.

Have the process insured

Though professional moving companies would exercise a great deal of caution, they could make occasional mistakes. Even the best and most careful logistics partners could have accidents when handling heavy furniture.

Explore your valuation coverage and insurance options for moving. This is not the same as insurance for the individual items you own; a moving company should be able to provide you with options for insuring the move.

Dismantle and disassemble

You do not need to take apart all of your furniture items. Some, though, must be disassembled before the journey. It would be best if you took apart tables, modular furniture, and bed frames.

If you are concerned about reconstruction and have lost the original assembly instructions, you can look for a copy of the manual online. You can also take a photo of each stage of dismantling the furniture piece, and reconstruct it by reversing the process. 

When transporting, make sure you wrap the items in a protective covering and place them in a labelled box. A furniture dismantling service can do this for you.

Group nuts, bolts, and screws into plastic bags

Do not forget about the small pieces of your furniture. Place nuts, bolts, and screws in sealed plastic bags and label them by their corresponding furniture piece. You could also print out photos of the furniture and stick it inside the plastic bags.

Separating your screws and small items in this way will make assembling your furniture faster. You won’t have to spend hours digging through and sorting a box containing all your screws.

Wrap things in blankets or stretch wrap

Be more careful about how you place furniture inside a moving truck. If you are doing the prep work yourself, you have to wrap every single item in a tear-resistant material that can cushion the impact of potholes, humps, and other disturbances on the road.

Using cling wrap or moving blankets is a handy way of ensuring that your possessions will be safe. You can also use cling wrap to keep parts together; for instance, it is a neat way of bunching table legs that you have disassembled.

Ask for help moving large furniture

This tip seems like common sense, but in the flurry of moving, people often attempt to pick up heavy objects on their own. If you have not hired a moving company for your trip, you should at least conscript a couple of friends or relatives to help you lift your most massive pieces.

You can also hire labour-only movers whom you can book for the loading and unloading of items and nothing more. Check with your local movers if they offer this service.


While you could probably move your furniture on your own, your move will be more efficient if you hire a professional moving company to help. These experts can do everything from dismantling your furniture to driving your possessions to your new place. 

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