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5 Tips to Help You Survive a House Move When You Have Kids – Our Guide

Moving with kids can be a hectic experience for many reasons. One of the biggest challenges is keeping everyone on track. Children are not the biggest sticklers for schedules, and if you don’t stay on top of the process, you might find yourself rushing around, packing things on moving day. Here are some tips to help when you are moving house.

Allow yourself to be a little sentimental

When you have kids, you know how attached they could become to things that are dear to them. It could be difficult for them to say goodbye to your old home; show them it’s okay that they feel that way. 

Before you start with sorting items and packing them in boxes, try to document how your home looks. Take pictures and create memory books; these are all ways that can help your children have a sense of closure and give your home a proper goodbye.

Help them adjust emotionally

Let your kids know as early as possible about your plans to move. Doing this will allow them to prepare themselves, and it also lets them feel included in the process. 

It’s also productive to help them understand their feelings. They might not know how to deal with the various emotions that moving house stirs up, so being there for them emotionally and answering all their questions will help them view the entire affair more positively.

Begin preparing as early as possible

Moving day can sneak up on you without you realising it, so get started with packing and deep cleaning as soon as you can. Hire packing services to help you get your belongings in order, and sit down with your family to figure out which things you need in your new home and which items you can leave in your old one. A small family would have anywhere from 30 to 150 boxes’ worth of belongings, which could take up to 75 hours to pack!

Ensure that your preparations have a structure

Schedules help young children stick to tasks and complete them. Cut down on stress and banish feelings of uncertainty by keeping your family schedules intact, even when preparing for a move. Aside from honouring your routines, you could also develop conventions for this period.

For example, you can decide on a colour-coded system for your boxes. Stickers and coloured tape will help make loading and unloading items faster, especially if you have young helpers. Remember to pack overnight bags for yourselves as well—have a backpack or a duffel bag for your essentials. This will be invaluable during your last night in your old home and your first night in your new one.

Let your children make decisions about the move

Getting your children involved in the moving process allows them to have a sense of control, which helps their confidence and emotional stability. Ask for their opinions, listen to their thoughts about decisions that mean a lot to them, and don’t disregard their views. Asking them about the simplest things—which box to pack books in, or which toothpaste brand to put in the overnight bag—can help.


A move is already a frenetic experience, but adding kids to it can make it all the more intense. Take the time to prepare your kids; answer their questions, and let them participate in the process. If you do this, you are sure to have a less bumpy ride to your new home!

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