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How to Efficiently Prepare for a Residential Move

Moving to a new house may have you drowning in so many tasks to do. Indeed, moving houses is one of the most stressful times you will experience in this lifetime. Nevertheless, most of the time, moving to a new place is necessary, whether for family or work purposes. If you want to make the moving much easier, it’s vital that you prepare months ahead and hire an excellent moving company to help you through the process: 

In this article, we will share several tasks that you should do in the months before the move: 

Two Months Before 

Two months before the move or house removal, be sure to take care of any valuable belongings in the house by bringing them to an expert for assessment to ensure you have the right insurance coverage.

It’s essential to go through every room of the house during this period. It is also the best time to start cleaning and clearing out various items that you do not plan to bring along to the new house. 

One and a Half Months Before

If you are renting a house, this period is the right time to give notice to your property owner. Use this time to order furniture for the new house and have it delivered directly there. You can also book a storage space and move your belongings there to make the moving day itself so much easier. Keep in mind that a moving company can help you sort out the storage space you need. 

One Month Before

If you have accomplished many tasks in the previous months to make your moving easier, then this period will be easier for you. This is the time when you should focus on contacting everyone, such as your utility company to inform them about the move and fix the necessary documents to accommodate the change. Use this time also to reach out to personal contacts who will be affected by the move, such as close friends and family members. 

Another task that you should do by this time is to make a floor plan of your new house. Use this to sort out the boxes so that you can have an easier time unpacking them. This is also an excellent way to see where various items should go. When you have all this planned out, you will find it easier to arrange furniture and other belongings on the moving day itself. 

One Day Before

Remember to avoid last-minute packing! A day before the move, pack a bag for every family member that contains essentials. Make sure that you organise a box for kitchen essentials as well so that you can eat and drink easily in the house while you’re still unpacking the items. You can also prepare some takeaway meals that you can easily store and heat. Likewise, make sure that you have all the important numbers and that all your devices are charged. 


Preparation is key when you want to have a smooth house-moving experience. You don’t want to sort out your stuff a few weeks before the move. In fact, it’s best to start at least two months before the move to give you more time to have everything in place. Moreover, you need to find a good moving company that can assist you with the move. 

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