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Moving In: 4 Tips to Ensure a Smooth First Night In a New Home

Moving into your new home is exciting; after all, you’re about to experience the fruits of your labour! However, as thrilling as the experience can be, there are things that you must take care of before you can relax in your new bedroom. 

The whole process can be so eventful that it can become overwhelming and stressful. However, before you go on with your packing spree, we want you to sit down for a moment and take a breather. While you’re doing that, allow us to share with you some smart tips to ensure that you’ll spend your first night in your new home as comfortable as you could!

1. Prioritise Your “First Week” Bag

Surely, sleeping in yesterday’s clothes isn’t the best way to spend your first night in your brand new bedroom. That said, it’s important to pack all your essentials in a bag, box, or suitcase first. You can work on the other stuff later; your priority is the basic items that you will use for the first week. Pack all the clothing and personal essentials you’re gonna need for that time—and some extras, just in case!

Here’s our small checklist that might help you: 


  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Toiletries 

Personal belongings: 

  • Underwear, clothing, and outerwear
  • Shoes
  • Medications
  • Computers and other necessary electronics 
  • Chargers for phones 
  • Wallet and credit cards 
  • Identification cards 

2. Work on Your Home Essentials Box

Now that you’re done packing up your first-week bag, it’s time to move on to your home essentials. You don’t want to spend your first night frantically looking around for toilet papers, only to remember that you’ve stuffed them inside the relocation boxes which will not arrive in the week. 

If you haven’t worked on your home essentials box yet, here are some items you need to pop in there: 

  • Food for the first few days (snacks and canned goods) 
  • Can opener
  • Trash bags
  • Drinking water
  • Eating utensils (paper plates, spork or spoon, and cups) 
  • Bedsheets and pillow covers 
  • Bath towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Lightbulbs and flashlights 
  • Extra batteries

3. Prepare A Bag for Your Kids or Pets 

Moving can also be distressing for your children or pets. That said, it’s best to make sure that you pack enough for them so that they can go through the first few days at the new place comfortably.

For your little ones, the essentials are diapers, wipes, pacifiers, formula milk, snacks, and their favourite sippy cups or bottles. Also, you’ll want to bring along something that can help keep them contained and entertained, such as toys, books, or a bouncy seat. Lastly, don’t forget to pack their medications as well as a first-aid kit!

As for your furry friends, make sure that you’ve packed enough food for them for the first few days, along with their food and water dishes and poop bags or litter boxes. Don’t forget their toys and favourite blankets to make sure they’ll be comfortable and won’t make a mess.

4. Take It Easy On Your First Night 

You don’t really have to unpack all your stuff on the first night. The only things you urgently need to unpack are the sheets and pillows for the bedrooms, as well as the utensils and appliances you will use in the kitchen. 

Try not to stress yourself too much about your boxes and things being all over the place. You’ll have plenty of time to fix those, so for the first night, allow yourself to relax and destress! Get some well-deserved sleep and tomorrow, bond with the whole family as you unpack your boxes. 


Moving in can be very stressful and tiring, but we hope that you still remember that successfully building or buying a new home is a great accomplishment in itself! That said, we hope that the tips we shared above will help you with the moving process and focus on what truly matters—enjoying your new home! 

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