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Moving With Your Dog: 3 Steps to Make It Hassle-Free

Moving house usually means enjoying a fresh start, but for your pup, this can involve going through a terrifying change. Your dog can take between 20 and 40 days to get used to their new surroundings and a new routine, which can induce anxiety. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make the move for them as smooth and easy as possible, which are the following:

1. Prepare your dog a week before your moving day

Your dog can sense when they are about to experience a major life change. To prevent them from feeling overwhelmed, it is best to prepare them for the big move at least a week before the event happens. This way, they can have ample time to get used to the new sights, sounds, and smells without freaking out. 

Get started by placing packing boxes around your house. Allow your furry friend to explore and sniff around them to promote a positive connection with the move. As a reward, consider throwing in some treats for them to find among the boxes. Don’t forget to help them relax by setting up a safe space just for them that will be away from the chaos of preparation for moving day. Also, prepare ahead and have an easier time packing your belongings and making sure that nothing gets left behind by hiring a trusted moving company. 

2. Take a walk and let your dog explore during your moving day

Expect your moving day to be busy and stressful, so it is wise to ask for help from your reliable local moving company and make sure your pet stays calm by hiring a temporary pet sitter or dog watcher and keep them in their safe space until you are finally ready to go. When moving your pup from your old house to your car and then to your new home, make sure they have their favourite toys with them.

Before moving in, take your four-legged friend for a walk in your neighbourhood so they can experience and explore their new surroundings. Put them on their leash to prevent them from running away and going missing. Try to keep their new routine as similar to their old one so they are less likely to freak out.

Let your dog familiarize themselves with your new home by giving them a chance to explore the place. Designate a safe space for them where they can eat and sleep comfortably in your new home so they remain calm and enjoy a positive moving experience.

3. Ease your dog’s anxiety after moving house

Your furry pal may feel some anxiety during the first few days right after you moved, which is normal. Let them get used to their new environment and shower them with love and patience. If your dog shows bad anxiety signs, such as diarrhoea, drooling, biting, lacking energy, shaking, and wanting to escape, then consider going to the vet. 


Transferring to an entirely new home is a big adjustment that can be overwhelming especially on your dog. To give them a sense of comfort, follow the steps mentioned above, and hire moving experts who can help you move without any hassle.

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