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Our Moving House Checklist – What to Do and How to Pack

It can be exciting to move into a new home, but it is also overwhelming. If you have lived in your current house for a long time, the prospect of packing your belongings might be daunting. Here are some things to remember when preparing for a significant life event like this.

Prepare for packing and relocation

Before you start with your move, do your best to prepare your household members for the chaos that might ensue. This includes speaking to young children and making accommodations for pets. Your young kids and your pets might get anxious or lethargic because of the stress, so you should have plans for when this happens while you are fixing your boxes.

Speaking of which, don’t just gather a couple of boxes on the day before your move; you must have a variety of box types and containers for your belongings. Prepare for your transfer; make sure that the boxes you choose are sturdy and can protect your belongings in transit. 

Also, you will need materials like scissors, packing tape, bubble wrap, styrofoam old newspapers, stretch wrap for furniture, a marker, plastic bags, and labels. Consider buying new supplies before you begin, so you do not keep running to the store to replenish.

Start the packing process at least one month before the move. For larger homes, allocate two months. You often need more time than you think you do, and a month or two gives you time to give away or donate items that you feel others can still use.

Tackle long storage and declutter

If you have an attic or a loft, you can pack the items there first, and move down the house as you go. You can also start with seasonal things like Christmas decorations, gardening tools, rain gear, and similar items.

As you work, you must declutter or set aside items for donation. Hold a garage sale or donate your unwanted things to charity. If your friends are helping you pack your items, ask them if they want anything from the items you want to sell.

Stay organised and have an inventory

Making an inventory is something you should do as you go, and it is constructive if you have plenty of trinkets or books. You can write your list down by box, and group boxes by type of room. This process will make unpacking in your new home more efficient.

When you make an inventory, you can quickly direct the flow of your moving services providers when they help you bring your boxes into your new home. 

Use plastic bags, roll tubes, and other tools

If you must pack toiletries and detergents, you should prepare them for the move. Unscrew the bottle caps, put plastic bags over the neck of the bottles and screw the caps back on. This helps keep messes to a minimum.

You can also contain wires and cords by rolling them up with cardboard tubes. Label each tube with a sticker and store these upright in a box.

Properly dispose of hazardous items

The UK government considers several items as dangerous goods and regulates these accordingly. Some examples are gases, toxic or infectious items, and similar items. You can find these in paint, cleaning products, batteries, and other household items.

Before your move, dispose of these items in a way that does not harm the environment. You can consult your local recycling center, or ask your moving company if they can refer you to a place that accepts items for disposal.

Make a box of essentials

Your box of essentials should contain several smaller containers. These will have your important documents like birth certificates, house titles, passports, as well as loose cash and bank information. It will also have your valuables, and the things you will need the most in your first week at your new house.

This box should contain things like double purpose garments, bed sheets, eating utensils, flatware and cookware, towels and toiletries, a first aid kit, baby supplies, and pet food. Have your movers load this in last, or carry this box with you in your car.


Moving is both a stressful and exciting experience. Plan for it properly to reduce stress during the days leading up to it. Hiring a good moving company does not hurt as well!

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