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Packing Materials

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Are you looking for removal boxes UK or packing materials?

Roadway Removals company can lend you a hand on all kind of moving and storage boxes for your forthcoming house move or business relocation and also we can offer a professional packing service. Big or small, round and square, carton or textile we have all the sizes and shapes of moving packaging supplies for your belongings.

Besides the moving boxes you might need and other types of packing materials, here we are with different blankets for fragile items; mattress and sofa covers, sealing and protective tape and also some shrinking and bubble-wrap covers for extra-fine goods.

Packing Materials


Packing Materials

1 Bed House / Flat

15 x Medium Boxes
10 x Large Boxes
2 x Wardrobe Boxes
1 x Small Bubble Wrap
1 x Packing Tape
1 x Ream Tissue Paper
1 x Marker Pen

2 Bed House / Flat

25 x Medium Boxes
12 x Large Boxes
3 x Wardrobe Boxes
1 x Large Bubble Wrap
2 x Packing Tape
1 x Ream Tissue Paper
1 x Marker Pen

3 Bed House / Flat

30 x Medium Boxes
15 x Large Boxes
4 x Wardrobe Boxes
1 x Small & Large Bubble Wrap
3 x Packing Tape
1 x Ream Tissue Paper
1 x Marker Pen

4 Bed House / Flat

35 x Medium Boxes
20 x Large Boxes
5 x Wardrobe Boxes
2 x Large Bubble Wrap
4 x Packing Tape
2 x Reams Tissue Paper
1 x Marker Pen


Packing Boxes

Medium Box

45 x 33 x 33cm

Large Box

45 x 45 x 50cm

Tall Box

457 x 457 x 500cm

For Clothes

Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe Box

50 x 45 x 101cm


Protective Covers

Matress / Sofa Covers



Bubble Wrap


500mm x 50m


750mm x 50m


Paper Offcuts

2.5 kg of Paper

approx 1 bedroom

5 kg of Paper

approx 2 bedrooms

7.5 kg of Paper

approx 3 bedrooms

10 kg of Paper

approx 4 bedrooms


Reams Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper

450mm x 700mm


Sticking Tapes


Sticking Tape


Marker Pen

Marker Pen


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